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Uncle Frank – Fountains

Uncle Frank – Fountains The Uncle Frank Band are on the cusp of releasing their second full length album, Love Lion, and the opening single from that forthcoming work sets the stage for this band to rise to levels they never dreamed of when they first formed. The band’s singer,[…]

Kaylee Keller – Christmas in Your Arms

Kaylee Keller – Christmas in Your Arms  For listeners familiar with the classic country sound, Kaylee Keller’s “Christmas in Your Arms” will be a pleasing throwback to an increasingly moribund style in American music. The commercial prominence of the style has been in steady decline since the early eighties end[…]

Magic Music – Self Titled

Magic Music – Self Titled   The first clue is the album cover. There’s a restrained stylishness about the art that’s suggestive without being too literal. It translates into Magic Music’s songwriting. This talented array of longtime Americana music veterans are realizing a forty year old dream that first began with[…]

Ira Sharma

Ira Sharma  Ira Sharma’s career promises to burn early and bright. The wildly talented fourteen year old singer began displaying her talents to the public at large before her most recent birthday and has amassed a revealing collection of songs foreshadowing her upcoming debut full length album. The songs reveal[…]

Ricardo Alves – Hope

Ricardo Alves – Hope  The fourteen track collection of ambient music from Ricardo Alves is one of the major new works in a genre that never has received much critical notice. Many deem these seemingly experimental sound collages as “mood music” that suffers from its willingness to jettison the assortment[…]

Frank Shiner – Please Come Home for Christmas

Frank Shiner – Please Come Home for Christmas The true beauty of Frank Shiner’s “Please Come Home for Christmas” comes from his utter fearlessness in claiming the song as his own. Many, fine vocalists have taken turns with this Yuletide classic, but no one in this writer’s memory has ever[…]

RedBelt – Beautiful Surround

RedBelt – Beautiful Surround  Midwestern based rock usually falls along two lines – American grown punk rock that keeps the gas pedal flush with the floorboard or else alternative rock sounds cut with a generous helping of classic flavor. Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s RedBelt manages a great balance between these two predilections[…]

Jemima James – When You Get Old

Jemima James – When You Get Old  The second album from Jemima James is entitled When You Get Old and was recorded this year, thirty five years and change since she recorded her first album At Longview Farm in 1979. Such gaps are not unheard of in other artistic mediums,[…]

Martin X. Petz – Broken Man

Martin X. Petz – Broken Man  Ernest Hemingway wrote in one of his novels that the world breaks everyone, but that some are strong in those broken places. Some of that experience informs the latest album from Michigan based songwriter Martin X. Petz’s new album Broken Man. There are a[…]

Django Mack – ‘Round Christmas

Django Mack – ‘Round Christmas  The powerful new release from California based songwriter Django Mack marks another step the vocalist takes on his ascent into the elite working in the modern Americana/blues scene. “’Round Christmas” and its B-side companion song “Big Black Dog” are well produced and ring out with[…]