deckare: music inspired by swedish crime fiction

“Oh What a Country It Is” – A.S. Swanski: Deckare

This one’s chilling, from concept to implementation. And it should be, with a title like Deckare: Music Inspired by Swedish Crime Fiction. Sometimes its the mood, sometimes its a stylistic choice in the composition, and sometimes its the lyrics themselves, but A.S. Swanski’s latest album is pulled (metaphorically, of course)[...]


Juliane Jones Takes Us to ‘The Space Between the Telephone Lines’

What makes The Space Between the Telephone Lines special is its remarkably delicate touch. Ethnomusicologist and polyglot (she sounds cool already, right?) Juliane Jones gently explores the vast expanse of pop music in 11 magical tracks, switching between English and Mandarin Chinese effortlessly and naturally throughout. The concept of bringing[...]

Thomas Brunkard

Thomas Brunkard’s ‘A Never Ending Album’ Exists Out of Time and Space

If anything like what Thomas Brunkard is doing has ever been effectively executed before, I’m not aware of it. The title of the Dublin composers’ latest project isn’t a metaphor: it’s a mission statement. With ‘A Never Ending Album,’ Brunkard takes liberties with the traditional (and restrictive) concept of an[...]


No Instrument Off-Limits For Jazz Master Pablo Embon: ‘Perennial Sounds’

To many contemporary listeners, instrumental music just feels like background noise, or “elevator music.” I think jazz multi-instrumentalist Pablo Embon knows this, and hears the mainstream listener’s unspoken challenge of “Impress me,” as ‘Perennial Sounds’ plays like a celebration of everything that sound can do. Pablo Embon is a lifelong[...]