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The Energy – When We Were Young

Having been in the challenging music industry for 10 years, Brooklyn-based quartet, The Energy, though not a household name, have been one of the more consistent bands in terms of their quality output. And after 4 studio albums, the band has proven their talent and musicianship once again with their[…]

Charlie Haley – Today

What music can conjure up in the human soul always amazes me. No matter the mood of a man or a woman there is a song and companion to go along with it. Just as with any human feeling there is a way to express it through music. Whether you[…]

Broke Royals – The Luxury of Time III

Popular music remains in a state of permanent evolution. Old flavors return to favor, traditional markets are eclipsed by the new, and a silent crosspollination of ideas and influence never really wanes. Virtually new fusion has been left untested. Philip Basnight and Collin Cross, otherwise known as Broke Royals, are[…]

Secret Season – Love is the Only Game in Town

Secret Season have only deepened and evolved since their 2011 debut On Their Own. After eleven years together, Mark Moogalian and Isabelle Risacher have built an impressive catalog of unique material touching on a wide array of musical influences without ever settling for long on one. They are a fully[…]

JackPotLuck EP Review

JackPotLuck EP is a collection of six tracks and a whole lot of talent. A one-man band by Gary Bonnani, these few tracks adopt influences from almost every great era of music: from the classic rock of the 60s to the indie rock of the last few decades. Bonnani has[…]

Version 5 – Take you There

Version 5 is a music group of two brothers, Andy & Spencer Olson. They tag their genre as industrial rock / elo-rock. Version 5 released three new singles, and here are my reviews for all of their three singles. Why Don’t You Drop A rock-tune inspired song that is mixed[…]

Barton – Simple Songs

Kenneth Barton, known simply as Barton, is a guitarist from Portland, Oregon. He previously played with the bands Petals and Suntribe in the 90’s and was their guitarist and songwriter. He took a ten year hiatus from the music scene to pursue other interests and returned to the music scene[…]

Corrine Cook – Dressed Up For Goodbye

Artist: Corrine Cook Album: Dressed Up For Goodbye Label: Independent Genre: Pop/Country Sounds Like: Faith Hill, Miranda Lambert Technical Grade: 9/10 Production/Musicianship Grade: 9/10 Commercial Value: 9/10 Overall Talent Level: 7/10 Songwriting Skills: 7/10 Performance Skills: 9/10 Best Songs: Little Miss Understanding, Dressed Up For Goodbye Strengths: Versatile and polished[…]

Beauty In The Breakdown – Neon EP

Chastity Ashley not only had the role of percussionist to the popular band Duran Duran while on tour but has now curated her own band Beauty In The Breakdown. NEON is the EP title that depicts exactly what a dance album should entail. Ashley’s background experience seems to shed light on[…]

Alec Henderson Band – Fly Away

The newest album ‘Fly Away’ by the Alec Henderson Band screams out one particular genre to us, and that is contemporary. It has been a while since a full on contemporary album has set foot among the indie cred pioneers. Nevertheless the Alec Henderson Band provides an easy listening element[…]