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Deli – Empty

What a voice! Wow. This girl has the kind of pipes that create legends. Deli gives us an upbeat indie soul sound that will instantly make you a fan. There is definitely nothing lacking in her single, “Empty”. I can’t stop listening to this uplifting tune, even as I write.[…]

Chase Enriquez – Another Night

Chase Enriquez‘s new single, “Another Night,” is a seamless blend of rock, reggae, and hip hop. When he sings, his voice is silky smooth and reminiscent of Brandon Boyd from Incubus. He is a strong singer with a melodic voice. The hip hop parts of the song, while not quite[…]

Jeremy Harrell – Remember When

Soulful and impassioned, this breakout single from Jeremy Harrell is all about fond memories. Personally, I found the lyrics of Remember When to be wholesome and inviting. Jeremy Harrell follows the usual tropes of the country genera, speaking of love, life, and everything in-between. It is completely predictable. There isn’t[…]

Nick Duane – Rain

I was curious to read the words “ambient” and “classic rock”, with “indiepop” referring to one song. “Rain” delivers, with layered music melded skillfully and artfully. For me, “ambient” will forever remind me of Brian Eno’s haunting “On Land”. Nick Duane’s song opens briefly in a similar synthetic mode, but[…]

Nashaat Salman – Universal Melodies

Exotic comes in varied forms, Nashaat Salman pulls you inward towards an unknown destination. One may think that his album ‘Universal Melodies Vol 1‘ could trap the mind in a enlightened trance of a full bodied sensation to meditation.  Hidden with an iconic appeal to the sensible track ‘Dancing Star‘[…]

Bitter’s Kiss – Bitter’s Kiss

Bitter’s Kiss had us asking what does one expect from a new indie artist? After hearing so many various voices that tend to flow out and never seem to stick…yet when one singer-songwriter happens to come out of the woodwork, the only thing you can do is listen. Chloe Baker[…]

Dickie – Dickie

When growing up, music of all types were always a part of my daily life, whether it be big band playing all day in my grandma’s house next door to ours or classic Def Leppard blasting out of my dad’s outdoor boom box when outside. The perils of high school[…]