The Malpass Brothers

The Malpass Brothers – Self-Titled URL: The emergence of an album like this is instructive. It’s easy to forget in our time that hoary conventions of creaky musical forms might hold considerable appeal for young and old alike. If vinyl-pressing plants are filling orders for forty-year-old albums in 2015,[…]


Wooden Hez – Spew

URL: If you’ve come for bombastic rock with huge poppy choruses and arena antics, Wooden Hez probably won’t do much for you. These mavens of burnt-out, brain-toasted groove peddle a dark blues commodity with influence from Seattle grunge, the classic 60s/70s era and also the indie scene.  With drumming[…]

Dine On Danger

“Lost Dog Found’s ‘Dine on Danger’ is a masterpiece.”

It warms my heart when I hear independent musicians that keep tradition alive. It warms it even more when they’re not just carrying that tradition on, but infusing it with their own artistic vision to propel it forward another generation. Lost Dog Found, a San Francisco bay-area “mini-big-band” does just[…]


Mitchell Coleman Jr. – Soul Searching

URL:  Independent jazz artist Mitchell Coleman Jr. has released his new record, ‘Soul Searching.’ The album is an instrumental jazz and funk fusion collection that connects Coleman’s influences throughout a diverse musical tapestry. It was released on Soul Revelations Records, featuring some of the funkiest musicians of the Los[…]