Differing From Previous Genre-Crossing Ghosts


Chase Enriquez - Til The Flame Burns Out

Differing From Previous Genre-Crossing Ghosts

Inspired by Jay-Z, Guns’n’Roses and Led Zeppelin, Los Angeles based alternative rap artist, Chase Enriquez rocks out a denim vest and long, dark locks like no other I’ve seen before, self proclaiming his love to booze, boobs, and music as if they’re all meant to go together.  Infusing sounds of rock and hip hop, coupled with his passionate, raw vocal ability and lyrics drenched in inspirit, his ten track April album release Til The Flame Burns Out will most certainly be joining my music collection.

As the kind of album where you find yourself set on the best of the bunch, until the next song starts playing and you find yourself torn between which song will be your newest fav, Til The Flame Burns Out is one you find yourself less focused on what genre it fits into, and more concerned with enjoying the music simply as it is. Which is something that Chase seems to value.

“I don’t believe in categorization or genre-fication. I think that ruins art. I think that is elitist. Art is not meant to be confined or put in a box-Geoff Tate” he says, branding his work as “skilful lyricism of hip-hop’s golden age and raw vocal energy of Rock’n’ Roll’s yesteryear, with an attack that differs from the ghosts of previous genre-crossing”.

And with that, we have Til The Flame Burns OutI. Starting with a burst of passionate contrast between chiseled grit and smooth beats comes The Majestic with just a bittersweet hint of soul, and Tell Me Why, a fetchingly addictive rockpop anthem of the broken hearted, is definitely my pick, showcasing a bit of a love-bitten sweetheart within this newly emerging rap rock star.

So are you feelin’ a little chilly tonight? No worries, Chase Enriquez has you covered as he’ll set your Night on Fire and keep it burning long until the sun begins to rise. It’s as simple as that.

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Review by Siobhan Chapman

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    Loving the tunes, mate. Well done.

  • Chase Enriquez

    Thanks for an awesome review!