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Casey Weston

Florida based Casey Weston just released his latest CD entitled Young Heart in 2014. Primary URL: http://caseyweston.com/ Weston is obviously vocalist is an accomplished singer/songwriter. Each style, each song on this CD expresses something a bit different than the other – a complete moment if you will. To me it’s[…]


Danielle Lennon – String Theory

This last November, the immensely talented composer and multi-instrumentalist Danielle Lennon released ‘String Theory,’ her fascinating debut album consisting of eight original instrumental tracks. The outstanding debut defines Lennon as one of the most talented and clever independent musicians this side of the past six months. Classically trained, Lennon already[…]

Cold Winter Knights

L Oquence – Cold Winter Knights

Whenever I’m approached with reviewing an independent hip-hop or rap artist, I’m always a bit apprehensive about doing so. The indie scene of those two genres is jam-packed with horrible self-production, dodgy lyricism, and a seemingly endless flow of meaningless profanity. Fortunately, there’s something else to be said about L[…]


The Malpass Brothers – Self-Titled

URL: http://themalpassbrothers.com/ The emergence of an album like this is instructive. It’s easy to forget in our time that hoary conventions of creaky musical forms might hold considerable appeal for young and old alike. If vinyl-pressing plants are filling orders for forty-year-old albums in 2015, it isn’t out of the[…]