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Call Security – To Whom It May Concern

Call Security – To Whom It May Concern REVERBNATION: https://www.reverbnation.com/callsecurity Pop rock has been frequently been replaced with pure pop, the guitar driven side of the genre lost and blown away by the four winds.  A few bands manage to work in some guitar and a cohesive rhythm section into[…]


Rachel London “Runnin’”

Rachel London “Runnin’” URL: http://rachellondonmusic.com/ Club music, like any other genre, demands evaluation by the standards of the form. This is music that dispenses with many of the components and qualities we take for granted in popular music. There’s little evidence of melody or harmony in the music and Rachel[…]


Landon Williams – “Tonight”

Landon Williams – “Tonight” URL: http://landonwilliamsmusic.com/ Colorado based Landon Williams has logged some miles and turned a few heads since his 2013 debut. He notched over 200 live dates into his belt during his 2014 touring schedule and even found the popular clothing chain Abercrombie and Fitch using his song[…]

The Liquorsmiths

The Liquorsmiths – This Book Belongs To

The Liquorsmiths are an indie folk trio out of San Diego, California. With two drummers and a vocalist (who plays the six string), the band is a unique breed of percussive folk rock. This Book Belongs To is the soundtrack to the great American indie road trip. It’s broad, touching,[…]