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Dickie – Dickie

When growing up, music of all types were always a part of my daily life, whether it be big band playing all day in my grandma’s house next door to ours or classic Def Leppard blasting out of my dad’s outdoor boom box when outside. The perils of high school[…]

Minority For The Masses – The Album

A perfect hybrid of hard rock and metal, Minority for the Masses captivates audiences with their raw and impassioned vocals. Combining the ethereal sound of Tool with the fervent angst of Metallica, MFTM cultivates a unique sound that differs from most metal music of today. With powerful instrumentals, heavy bass,[…]

The Atomic Atoms – Diggin’ Up Ed Sullivan

In their album, Diggin’ Up Ed Sullivan, The Atomic Atoms transcend the confines of traditional musical genres by introducing an eclectic hybrid of alternative, psychedelic, folk, and grunge. With gruff but soothing vocals, reminiscent of Kurt Cobain, they weave together poignant lyrics that are profoundly moving and relevant. The intro[…]

Intimate Dream – Wonderful Thing

Long after the last beat ceases reverberating and rhythms fade away, melody remains. Any music with an eye turned towards posterity obeys this fundamental truth. The record industry might be falling around our ears and the very nature of the landscape is forever altered by technological advances, but a memorable[…]