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Angie and the Deserters – Blood Like Wine

Angie and the Deserters – Blood Like Wine  Angie and the Deserters are quite the jugglers. They move between different styles on their latest release Blood Like Wine with a rare skill for incorporating many elements into their musical attack. There are blasts of pure ultra-pumped blues, examples of unadulterated[…]

Spark and Whisper – Monument

Spark and Whisper – Monument San Francisco Bay Area cattle rustlers Spark and Whisper have returned with a third album that is far more spark than whisper. The core duo of Anita Sandwina and Velvy Appleton are joined by the rhythmic prowess of Paul Eastburn (bass) and Scott Johnson (drums).[…]

The Spiders – Election Day (Single)

The Spiders – Election Day (Single) It is an election year in the United States. The fisticuffs, the battle lines, the name calling, the circus, the brouhaha has been seasoned well and as usual the United States looks like the ass-wipe bunch of stuffed shirt chumps they are. ? In comes[…]

Sir Ivan – Imagine: The Remixes

Sir Ivan – Imagine: The Remixes Few music performers, regardless of genre, match Sir Ivan’s commitment to the themes driving his music. He embraces the optimistic, pastoral mood heard in classics like George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun” or calls to storm the ramparts like Stephen Stills’ classic 60’s anthem[…]

Callie Hopper – Out of the Shadows

Callie Hopper – Out of the Shadows  Despite the glut of female singer/songwriters emerging over the last decade, some talents stand out. Wading through the sonic slush pile of oh-so-sensitive songwriters with quavering upper register voices can seem daunting once you’re immersed in the task, but there are needles in[…]

Dave Diamond – Trois

Dave Diamond – Trois Dave Diamond’s successful career in music spans more than twenty years. A prolific singer/songwriter and session musician, Dave has recorded and performed as a solo artist and with his own band as well as with an array of other talented and acclaimed musicians such as Bob[…]

Skyward – Self Titled

Skyward – Self Titled  The powerful eleven song debut from Virginia’s Skyward marks the opening of a potentially epic career. Few bands in recent memory have burst on the recording scene with such fully shaped magnificence. The five piece merges rousing, practically anthemic, alternative rock guitar with substantial synthesizer work[…]

Danielle French – Dark Love Songs

Danielle French – Dark Love Songs  Danielle French Presents Miss Scarlet and the Madmen in Dark Love Songs is, undoubtedly, one of the longest album titles this reviewer has encountered in a while. The nine songs on this release, however, are models of the form in terms of conciseness and[…]

Nick Dakota – Vision

Nick Dakota – Vision One look at Nick Dakota and you figure he belongs in the early 2000’s when POD had a presence and Crazy Town had somewhat of a hit in the form of “Butterfly.” Long dreadlocks held together by a bandana and it brings back nostalgic moments of[…]

Brent Daniels – Every Road has a Turn

Brent Daniels – Every Road has a Turn Brent Daniels began singing as a child and playing the guitar at the age of 7. Brent pursued life and life took him to a path as an electrician. He left his music behind, so he thought. But once music is in[…]