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Back To The Ocean

On a serious note Back To The Ocean would be the type of band that play on emotions that lead certain thoughts towards a situation or a troubled life you’ve led. Some musicians take themselves seriously and in return their music comes out drenched in pure raw skin. Back To[…]

Helen McCreary- Kaikoura EP

Helen McCreary’s debut EP Kaikoura is here and it’s awesome! This EP will bring a pleasing calm to your day and have you listening to it again and again. Kaikoura brings a peace to your life and will cause you to reflect on nothing but love and good times. This[…]

Craymo – Love You More EP

If you love quality music that invokes great thoughts of romance, emotions and movement then Craymo’s “Love You More” will serve you right. It simply sounds awesome, if you ask me. It is little wonder that it has taken over the airwaves across the country and beyond. Where can you[…]

Dave Goddess Group – Blown Away EP

You now how when you come across one of those bands and start questioning if you’ve heard them before or seen them? To clarify even further, say it was a song in a film and that track will not leave your thoughts alone? Yeah, Dave Goddess Group is summing up[…]

Ivory Black

If KT Tunstall had a sibling from the Midwest, I sense that Ivory Black would come to close first in the running. Why? As far as technique goes with mixing various applications while playing guitar, layers of vocals, valley’s and peaks that show off each accent towards Ivory Black’s empire[…]

Rabid Young – Rabid Young EP

Sometimes wandering about the four corners of a road gives us insight, Rabid Young is exactly how that insight came to be. A synth-heavy band that has come out with their track ‘Not Enough’ and after listening through, you want more. Not Enough transitions into giving us that voice of reason as well[…]

JaggerMouth “…offers that fresh appeal…”

Talk about hitting the hard road with the band JaggerMouth, as they’ve described growing up and running out from the slums of the south their music perfectly portrays what it means to be a struggling musician. Instead of offering up a traditional (if you will) rags to success story, consider[…]