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The Invisible World – Color / Echo

The Invisible World – Color / Echo  Most bands, if they are lucky, have one trick as musicians they can collectively ride to short term success. Sometimes that means never rising above the night club circuit, but plying a steady trade for a few years before being replaced by the[…]

Charles Wright – Something to Make You Feel Good

Charles Wright – Something to Make You Feel Good A half century in the music business means you’ve left a mark. Charles Wright has done more than merely play with the greatest soul and R&B musicians of the last fifty years. Instead, he’s also been a force outside of the[…]

Sawtooth Brothers – One More Flight

Sawtooth Brothers – One More Flight  The new Americana themed outfit The Sawtooth Brothers brings together two sets of brothers into a four piece capable, in their own sonically modest way, of redefining the genre for the 21st century. The eleven songs on their debut One More Flight are a[…]

Chris Murphy – Red Mountain Blues

URL: Chris Murphy – Red Mountain Blues New York City native Chris Murphy has guested with some of the most renowned musical acts of the late 20th and 21st century, but has spent his time away from high priced session work pursuing his own creative muse across multiple years[…]

Jonathan Cavier – Premier

Website: Facebook: It is all but impossible to categorize Jonathan Cavier and his debut album Premier. You have heard or read that before – but it isn’t hyperbole. Furthermore, the personality driving the songs and performances on this first effort is quite unlike anyone recently debuting on the[…]

Highland Kites – Let Me Run EP

This LA duo induces the senses and sways the mind. Highland Kites already have the sound of a well put together band. However, that reasoning may come down to one thing, Marissa Lamar and Neil Briggs who operate Highland Kites have a split down the middle partnership. No haggling or[…]

KnowMads – Knew School

KnowMads is a hip hop/rap duo on the rise to fame. Playing slots at big name festivals such as Sasquatch and Bumbershoot. Ironically enough the duo both share the same first name and where born a day a part. Saying that KnowMads has been a match made from the rap[…]

Lily Lambert – Moving On

How can one musician compose an album completely enchanting and directly truthful? Lily Lambert issues out the efforts of tough life lessons without missing a beat. While foregoing a sense based around a traditional fairy tale ending. Lily Lambert provides a rich history of composition within her songs, encompassing a strong voice[…]

The Lowest Pair – Uncertain As It Is Uneven

The fourth and fifth studio albums from acclaimed Americana duo The Lowest Pair follow up the second and third albums released last year. It’s astonishing that Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee have been so productive since the duo’s 2013 formation, but what’s even more amazing is that the deluge[…]

Moon & Pollution – The Box Borealis

There’s a powerful artistic spirit inhabiting the ten tracks on Moon & Pollution’s debut. The Minneapolis/St. Paul area based duo featuring critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Molly Dean and producer Graham O’Brien join to form a monumental combo thanks, in no small part, to their contrasting styles. Dean’s immense vocal range never eschews[…]