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Brent Daniels – Every Road Has a Turn

Brent Daniels – Every Road Has a Turn  Destiny has a way of taking us different places than we planned but sometimes brings us back. A significant part of Brent Daniels’ youth consisted of following his love for music and learning guitar, but he chose to pursue more obviously practical[…]

Nick Dakota – Vision

Nick Dakota – Vision This is the sound of a career being born. Nick Dakota’s twelve song release Vision is a first album crackling with the joy of making music and communicating with an audience. It’s also an entertaining ride through some of the best country music that’s come out[…]

D Clak – Trap Again

D Clak – Trap Again  His performing name is a reference to his first name, Derrick, and the position of a gun before someone pulls its trigger. D Clak emerges from the mean streets of Pittsburgh with technique sharpened by a decade of performing in and around the area, polished[…]

Alfredo Dias Gomes – Pulse

Alfredo Dias Gomes – Pulse  Alfredo Dias Gomes’ sixth full length solo effort, Pulse, follows up his most recent effort Looking Back with a ten song jazz fusion instrumental collection that stands as one of the finest modern statements from this often unfairly maligned genre. Devotees of simpler forms have[…]

Andriana Lehr – Artifacts

Andriana Lehr – Artifacts South Dakota born singer/songwriter Andriana Lehr’s first album, Try to Be True, was a superlative debut, but her second release Artifacts builds on that considerable promise with one stunning performance after another on this ten track effort. Lehr ascends to another level thanks to songwriting expertise[…]

Brooks Maguire – Comeback King

Brooks Maguire – Comeback King Comeback King is the second album in three years from Hawaii based singer/songwriter Brooks Maguire. It shares much in common with 2013’s The Road I Never Chose – Comeback King features nine songs that have an uplifting tenor encouraging listeners to retain their faith in[…]

Chris Murphy – The Tinker’s Dream

Chris Murphy – The Tinker’s Dream Chris Murphy, one of the most respected instrumental talents in popular music thanks to his mastery of the violin, seldom gets the respect that he’s due as a singer and songwriter. The immense range of emotion he’s able to pull from his relatively diminutive[…]

Little Diamonds – New Orleans Bound

Little Diamonds – New Orleans Bound  New Orleans Bound, the second full length studio album from Minnesota native Little Diamonds, is the next step into the future for a young performer who’s made a name for himself as a bit of a prodigy on the music scene and the Americana[…]

Erica Sunshine Lee – Elixir

Erica Sunshine Lee – Elixir  Erica Sunshine Lee has been making a steady climb towards widespread stardom for some time now and the rewards have been ample. She is constantly working as a musician and songwriter making numerous live appearances across the nation and internationally while maintaining an active recording[…]

StonerPop – Self Titled

StonerPop – Self Titled The Louisiana based electro pop duo StonerPop’s first self titled recording heralds the arrival of a tandem possessing the promise to reinvent this genre. They are much more song oriented than many of their peers, but there are thrilling synthesizer textures here aiming much more at[…]