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Cody Webb releases More Than A Little

Cody Webb releases More Than A Little Cody Webb knows how to make a catchy country/ pop single. This South Carolina singer proves that even though dreams start small, working towards them can create a big dream bubble where you can live it all. Cody started out saying that he[…]

Review: Zipper – Corvaa

Review: Zipper – Corvaa A well-manufactured EDM/pop song appropriate for club-goers; is how I would veraciously summarise one of the newest singles from Greece-born contemporary artist, Corvaa, A.K.A. “The Chameleon Vocalist” apparently. (No connection to the post-punk band). Titled “Zipper”, it already places the sexual overtones throughout the song right[…]

Bobgoblin – Love Lost For Blood Lust

I’ve been writing reviews on new artist’s albums for a few short months now, and I’ve enjoyed a lot of what I’ve listened too. Though I must say, “Love Lost for Blood Lust” by Bobgoblin is more the style of music I listen to on a regular basis when I[…]

Lena Fayre – Cry

The world of electropop and its antecedent genres are infinitely more interesting with Lena Fayre’s inclusion. The singer songwriter working out of the Los Angeles area is a multi-level talent capable of playing many instruments fluently and expresses herself with a complexity beyond her years. These early years of her[…]

Brian Willoughby

Although bands such as Lifehouse and Dashboard Confessional have been out of the Alternative spotlight for a short amount of time, Brian Willoughby strongly revisits those heartfelt ballads. You could say that music has been Brian Willoughby’s calling card in life. From a young age Brian taught himself guitar and gradually progressed[…]

Sequel Gives us Hope for Hip-Hop

Sequel a.k.a. Richard John Barboni II has released a mixtape titled ‘Underground Prince‘ and when it comes to reviewing any new producer or artist that claims Hip-Hop and Rap as their background; one tends to be a bit hesitant. So by keeping an open ear and mind, because trying to catch the right words as well[…]

The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come to Expect

The first track on Everything You’ve Come to Expect, by The Last Shadow Puppets, demanded my attention immediately. The song was ‘Aviation’ and I stopped and tried to put my finger on what it sounded like. Now that we don’t use that functionality of our brains anymore, I googled the[…]

Tommy Shafer – The World Is Mine

Pop-stardom comes in the form of everyone and anyone, no one is limited to the experience and Tommy Shafer is the newest 16 year old to hit the stage. While 16 seems young, Tommy Shafer looks more about 12…however Shafer deserves some applauds for also being a singer-songwriter. Maybe Shafer[…]

Justin DiFebbo – Skin and Bones

Hailing from the Philadelphia area, Justin DiFebbo carries on the city’s long tradition of producing meaningful musical acts. DiFebbo is a man of many musical passions – along with his solo work, DiFebbo plays with another retro inspired outfit, Summer Fiction, as well as fronting a blues rock band named[…]

Killing Rapunzel

Killing Rapunzel is the kind of Metal band Chuck Klosterman wrote about in ‘Fargo Rock City’. Instead of the setting taking place in North Dakota, Killing Rapunzel are from Wisconsin. Why I am even bringing this up is that depending on where you live, Killing Rapunzel have a distinctive sound[…]