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Tod Hughes Project – Changin’ Gears

Tod Hughes Project – Changin’ Gears  FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/todhughesproject  While listeners will likely finish listening to Tod Hughes’ debut wondering what the title means in relationship to the songs, one uncertainty they won’t likely experience is about the EP’s quality. The six songs are strong, if lightweight, efforts in a country/rock[…]


Contents Under Pressure EP – Mirage Box

Contents Under Pressure EP – Mirage Box PURCHASE LINK: http://www.amazon.com/Contents-Under-Pressure-Mirage-Box/dp/B00TJLJ92G Nick Coppola and Chris Capozza of Mirage Box show just how much it means to be a fan of the 60’s and 70’s rock and roll music that has influenced virtually everyone that is or has been in a band.[…]

061180 I'm Considering Being A Cloud

061180 – I’m Considering Being A Cloud

Birmingham, Alabama may just have entered into a contest for the possible future of horror genre music that Alfred Hitchcock would have written for his films. With a tight hold and reminiscent of Throbbing Gristle; 061180 has a dignified account of what can heighten the human senses.  Experimental can be[…]

Paul Doffing

Songs From The (Quaking) Heart – Paul Doffing

As a Reason the first track plays, it feels that this track may not be quite right if it were to stand alone. Let alone the acoustic is highly personal and intimate to the point that headphones will need to be used. This is an intimate type of song that[…]