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superHero The MIddle

superHero – The Middle

The Round Table is a label based out of Atlanta, Georgia, founded in 2012 by five black Georgia Tech students. The label defines itself as a ‘hip-hop collective,’ one that brings together young artists who have dedicated themselves to honing their craft and their music. The artist in question for[…]


Sarantos Melogia – Not Where I Want To Be

Primary URL: https://www.melogia.com/  Not Where I Want to Be, the new release from young Sarantos Melogia, bears the unusual distinction of being a thoroughly modern work yet retaining the same earnest authenticity that had always lured young voices into popular music. The album comes with an accompanying 196-page novella complete[…]

Nic Nassuet

Nic Nassuet – Eleutherios

On Nic Nassuet’s newest release, “Eleutherios,” he combines guitar, violin and vocals to create a collection of passionate and stirring songs. His style could be described as Folk Rock or Alternative Rock, but he brings something unique to each of these genres with his edgy acoustic style combined with the[…]


Gumshen – DigiBites

Indie rock band Gumshen fuses alternative rock with the electronica sound to produce an intriguing futuristic style of rock on their newest release, “DigiBites.” What strikes me first—and then throughout this album—are the contagious beats, which are then layered with techno sounds and tight vocals. The combination reminds me of[…]