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Matt Lande – Glow

Something sinister lives within Matt Lande, whether he intends to make music that puts off a slight creep factor or Matt unintentionally has the ability to cross that fine line into obscure production. Either way that “creep factor” is not meant to be an obvious punch towards Matt Lande, instead[…]

Grizfolk – The Struggle

Grizfolk have joined the catchy wonders of lyric videos that many up-and-coming artists are putting out. Yet Grizfolk present their song The Struggle that combines the lyrical content with an actual music video. As the music video passes the one minute mark, noticeably (maybe unintentionally) a Wes Anderson atmosphere has[…]

The Versatile Style That is The Oh Hellos

Whoever said that Folk/Indie could not be an upbeat spectrum of high energy, has never listened to The Oh Hellos. Besides The Oh Hellos offer a more exuberant experience, the band has a favorable live quality that can make most Pop/Rock bands look dull. In one live video, The Oh[…]

Stolen Rhodes – Slow Horse

@StolenRhodes seem to have had the best inspiration from the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers since their music is simply making heads roll and setting souls alight. An astonishing observation is that Stolen Rhodes is marking out a niche with their style of singing and production. Listening[…]

Bands to Know: LOOM

Here is a band that used the age old ‘word of mouth’ to promote their music from the underground to the hungry hands of the internet.¬†LOOM came on the scene busting out with their track ‘Bleed On Me’. That first listen gave everyone the chance to experience a redefining moment[…]

Bands to Know: Kaleo

Sometimes going to the ends of the earth means hearing about a band coming from a place that necessarily doesn’t have a lot of recognition, that place happens to be Musfellsbaer located outside of Reykjavik in Iceland. Musfellsbaer just so happens to be the hometown of the band Kaleo. Since[…]

Erica Sunshine Lee – Southern Amendment

Georgia native Erica Sunshine Lee comes across as part throwback and part foot-stomping challenge to tradition. The contrast is due, in no small part, to her spirited and thoroughly contemporary spin on traditional country music themes while still maintain a steadfast adherence to the genre’s basic musical blueprints. She comes[…]