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Elliot Schneider – “Better a Fool than Aloof”

Elliot Schneider – “Better a Fool than Aloof” URL: http://elliotschneidermusic.com/ Singer-songwriter, Elliot Schneider has been on the music for a lot more years, compared to any of his contemporaries. His latest album ‘Better a Foor Than Aloof,’ which has 12 tracks is probably the culmination of all the work that[…]


Ian C. Bouras – Pieces of the Past

Artist: Ian C. Bouras – Pieces of the Past Album: Pieces of the Past REVERBNATION: https://www.reverbnation.com/iancbouras Ian C. Bouras is on the move. Since receiving his audio engineering degree, Ian has produced, mixed, and played guitar and bass on records in all genres from rock to spoken word, and is[…]


Michael Grimm – Grimm

Michael Grimm – Grimm URL: http://michaelgrimmmusic.com/ Michael Grimm has a rough and tumble background.  His folks had to leave him with his grandparents because they were too pour to raise him and the guy has obviously worked very hard on his music before finding his big break.  With a buoyant,[…]


Vince Lindley “Party Life”, feat. K-Trik-E

Vince Lindley “Party Life”, feat. K-Trik-E SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/vince-lindley-1/party-life-by-vince-lindley-feat-k-trik-e-lyric-video It’s hard to stand out in a genre like club music. Even more so than its counterparts in other genres, club music is producer-driven while performers are often associated with quasi-stables of other entertainers or particular “scenes”. One can certainly reach the[…]