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Band: Reflectivore CD: Self-Titled (EP) Genre: Alt-Rock, Hard Progressive Rock From Duluth Minnesota comes alt-pop-rockers Reflectivore who just released his latest EP that goes by the same name. Right from the start it might be easy to just categorize Reflectivore as a straight ahead “dime a dozen” alt-rockers and write[…]

The Wild Waiting – Stay Gold

The Wild Waiting – Stay Gold There’s plenty of ingenuity left in the modern American pop scene if you dig far enough. Don’t concern yourself with the superficial factory stylists peddled by the big conglomerates. Look, instead, towards the traditional sources for the best modern music – indie, DIY artists,[…]

Johnny Goldstein – An Elegy For The Lost City

Johnny Goldstein – An Elegy For The Lost City Johnny Goldstein is a Woodstock Generation New Orleanian, forced upriver to St. Louis by life’s circumstance. An award-winning songwriter/composer, guitarist, beloved teacher and producer and now, an author, Goldstein was influenced by Dickens, Twain, John Irving, Vonnegut, Kozinski and Koontz. He’s[…]

Gnarly Karma – Classic Breeze

Gnarly Karma – Classic Breeze Long Island natives Gnarly Karma are rapidly carving out a niche for themselves in, arguably, the nation’s toughest market for live music. Despite the fierce competition, the path to recognition remains the same. Bands with distinctive sounds, attention-grabbing songwriting, stage presence, and musical chops will[…]

Lazybirds – Time Machine

Depending on what mood you are in Lazybirds may be that band to lighten up the your day. If that is the case then Lazybirds’ newest double disc titled Time Machine will offer that background entertainment to go along with a Margarita or two. Here are a few ways to break down[…]

Sweet Honey in the Rock – Love in Evolution

Whether they realize it or not, when people talk about music’s timelessness and capacity to change the world, they are referring to groups like Sweet Honey in the Rock. It’s change in the micro, not macro. Music albums don’t affect policy change – instead, they reach out to individual listeners[…]

Third International – Oblivion (CD)

Combining years of musical experience, this world traveler, composer, songwriter, producer known as Third International headed up by English born Andrew Pearson caought my attention and refused to let go. Third International has been around for many years and is based out of New York. Third International: Andrew Pearson (vocals,[…]