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Kathy Muir – Second Life

Kathy Muir – Second Life It isn’t uncommon for a band or individual artist to hit their first peak on their third album. The first two releases allow them time and chances to refine and deepen their vision in preparation for a third release where they tie the disparate threads[…]

Angie and the Deserters – You

Angie and the Deserters – You You will be forgiven if this is your first time hearing Angie Bruyere and you assume she hails from somewhere in the Deep South. Her remarkably musical voice is, nonetheless, infused with nicotine, molasses, and enough sharp twang to cut a steel cowboy hat[…]

The Von – 3nity

The Von – 3nity  The Von shows hard rock and progressive music fans how you can dabble in those genres without ever comfortably taking on those labels. This is a power trio that cannot be pigeonholed for long. Their debut release Ei8ht revealed a band fluent in positive and melodic[…]

Stefanie Keys – Open Road

Stefanie Keys – Open Road  California based singer/songwriter Stefanie Keys has earned considerable critical and popular acclaim for her first two recordings and her third, Open Road, is poised to enjoy the same success. The ten song collection reinforces her lyrical and musical strengths explored on earlier albums while expanding[…]

Josh Birdsong – Simple Geometry

Josh Birdsong – Simple Geometry  The cross genre inclinations of Josh Birdsong’s debut EP, Simple Geometry, remind the cynical among us that not all is yet lost. Young men and women are still seeking out music as a vocation and many of them doing so are extremely talented musicians and[…]

Alex Di Leo – So We Go

Alex Di Leo – So We Go Fort Lauderdale based singer/songwriter Alex Di Leo dabbles with a number of musical styles on his debut album So We Go and proves himself fluent in every area. The six songs touch on pop, rock, and folk music elements without any apparent clash[…]

Juliet Huns – Behind the Scenes

Juliet Huns – Behind the Scenes  Juliet Huns, despite her young age, is a veteran performer. Singing from her early teens on, Huns enjoyed some early commercial success in Africa before finally relocating to Los Angeles in January of 2016. Her first EP Behind the Scenes is a short listen[…]

The Good for Nothin’ Band – Maniac World

The Good for Nothin’ Band – Maniac World  The Good for Nothin’ Band, longtime mainstays of the New Orleans live music scene, come out of this album sounding like world-beaters. The ten song collection entitled Maniac World teeters back and forth on a pivot between jazz and blues with various[…]

Seth Swirsky – Circles and Squares

Seth Swirsky – Circles and Squares  Based out of Los Angeles, Seth Swirsky is no stranger to pop stardom. He’s written smash hit singles and other material for a variety of popular performers while still finding time to perform and record his own material under a variety of configurations and[…]

Cranky George – Fat Lot of Good

Cranky George – Fat Lot of Good  The fourteen song full length debut from Cranky George is the realization of a promise made over thirty years ago. James Fearnley, accordionist, is also co-founder of the seminal Irish folk/punk outfit The Pogues. As a key member of that iconic unit, Fearnley[…]